Memory Management Presentation with PPT and Description

This includes a PPT of Memory Management and a description of each slide in word format.

The memory management modules of an operating system are concerned with the management of primary memory. Primary memory is the one which the processors directly access for data and instructions. Primary memory is frequently called core memory. It subdivides memory to accommodate multiple processes. This task of division is carried out dynamically by the OS and is called Memory Management.

Specifically, memory management is concerned with four functions:
  • Keeping track of the status of each location of primary memory, i.e., each location is either allocated or deallocated (“free”). Each memory location has its own address. With the help of address, one can find out the memory location and checks the contents within it.
  • Determining allocation policy for memory, i.e., deciding to whom it should go, how much, when, and where. If primary memory is to be shared by one or more processes concurrently, then the memory management must determine which pr.....

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Submitted by:- Vinod Nadar.
Team Members:-
  • Nachiket Kulkarni.
  • Akshay Gamare.
  • Pawan Bagwe
  • Pramod Gedam.
  • Sandesh Sawant.

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