Protection and Security PPT with description.

This includes a PPT of Protection and Security and a description of each slide in word format.

The terms “Security” and “Protection” are interchangeably used. Here we will use the term Security to refer to the overall problem and the term Protection mechanisms to refer to the specific operating system mechanisms used to safeguard information in the computer. The boundary between hem is not well defined. However, first we will look at security to see what the nature of the problem is. Later on in this project we will look at the protection mechanism and models available to help achieve security.

Security has many facets. Three of the more important ones are the nature of the threats, the nature of intruder...........

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Submitted by:- Vishal Rane.
Team Members:-
  • Prashant Jagtab.
  • Sameer Parab.
  • Kamlesh Singh.
  • Yogesh Pendekar.
  • Vaibhav Rane.

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