Presentation on Synchronization-With PPT and Documents.

This includes a PPT of Synchronization and a description of each slide in word format.

In addition to process scheduling another important responsibility of the operating system is process synchronization. In this will see, how processes co-ordinate with each other, how processes work with resources that must be shared between them, how synchronization is really used.

Process synchronization is required when one process must wait for another to complete some operation before another processing.

For e.g. one process called a writer may be writing data to a certain main memory area, while another process a reader may be reading data from that area and sending it to the printer. The reader and writer must be synchronized so that writer does not overwrite.

Now will see another example,
A system resource that is shared by two processes-i.e. car process and bus process. If only one process is active, then no resource conflicts exits. But what happens when both processes are active and they both arrive at intersection simultaneously, in this case shared resource becomes a problem. They both cannot use the same resou...

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